An empty mind creates

This is what John Cleese said in an interview, and I could not agree more.

Today I want to write to you, all existing and pre-existing writers of books. I think some of you will recognize the paradox in the title of this post. If you think too hard, you risk a writers block. If you set your mind free, you will flow. Panta Rei!


When you write a book, you are giving birth and you will like to dress up your creation. Maybe you do it yourself or maybe your editor makes a decision. I think however that you want a fitting combination. It has to feel good and maybe you want it to correspond with the contents of your book.


At this point I can walk along with you to seek and find an agreeable creation. Until now, I only make photographs. I am not a graphic bookcover designer (Yet). I am just beginning this project and I take one step at the time. I am following my path, but maybe you can lead me to sideways to inspire.


If there is a photograph that agrees with you and if you want to use it in your own way for a bookcover, please react. Maybe you want alteration or maybe you have another idea, please explain it to me and we can try to create together. I just want to create with you to fit; to harmonize. I would like that peple see your bookcover and think “Wauw, what a nice cover; it makes me curious to pick up the book and see who wrote is and what’s it about”.


As I am following my path and you will show me a sideway and lead me to a completely other world, that’s OK to. Maybe you see the photographs and you want to make an other creation. It could be that you think that people would like it as e decoration in their homes. A Poster? On Canvas? An illustration? I would be equally honoured.


Maybe you noticed my little secret. Until now I use the same model for my photographs. But as you know now: I’m just beginning. I can go all the way with you and go in many directions. Just show me your way and we will find the destination together. The experience to say: this is it; this it good and this will be.








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