I’m a Blackbird and I know it!

Most of my photographs on this blog are romantic, maybe even sentimental. So as a writer you must be a sentimental romantic to choose these photographs for a bookcover or maybe just female or male with a high level of overcrowding sentimental, romantic feelings and thoughts.


Today we have someone who’s looking right in to the camera. No sentiments, no romantics. Straightforward; no shame; no cover up; I’am a blackbird and I know it.


I have seen many bookcovers with birds. A famous one is The Goldfinch  by Donna Tartt. The cover reveals a piece of the painting where the book is all about, so I think this must have been a very agreeable cover. Many times they use dead hanging birds on a string on a cover, a bit depressing.


This bird needed a cage for a little while to grow up and be save, but there where no strings for him and nowadays he’s free as a bird  and he knows how to be a blackbird. A title for a book with this cover could be:

What’s Up Cat???







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