Post War

The remains of the war. We have a lot of war coal-holds, they form a vertical line and are called ‘ De Nieuwe Hollandse Waterlinie’. In English it will sound like: ‘The New Dutch Waterdefenseline’.

Their purpose was to protect us. One concrete line in the west and the sea in the east. Groups of soldiers could go in, to find shelter. How many ghosts are still seeking rest in these places? There must have been a lot of fear and fright.

Nowadays we may feel ghosts inside but we see phantoms on the outside. They are not scary, even friendly. They also protect. They are like book-ends holding up the word of the artist. The word has nothing to do about war. It has to do about ego. But war has also has to do about ego. A very big global unsatisfying ego, you can also call it lust for power. So they are not that completely different.

But war is destructive and graffiti is creative, so creativity will eat destructivity. So in this case we have a happy ending.


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