Even the sun,  she did not shine

on this cruelsome day

when faith and hate combine

the sand of land,  turns grey


Remains of long ago

lay silently and dead

structures cut in pieces

killed by hand,  so bad


Destroying in the name of God

destroying for their faith

destroying all what Romans made

destroying out of hate


Sadly they do not know

that God was in this stone

the force of creativity

divinity in bone


As God made human race

his image was inside

the gift of creation

is what equals us alike


So when you kill these artefacts

you kill our divine birth

you kill the soul what makes us live

the meaning here on earth



Paradise Lost


Out of the desert the girl came

Berieved of clothes, she felt ashamed

they toke it all, except her life

she’ll never be somebody’s wife


Cause honour is what makes us live

when lost, there’s nothing more to give

Her dignity is what has left

for ever she will be bereft


It’s gone today, her female pride

and when there’s nothing more to hide

she is an Eve who knows the cost

A paradise forever lost


and now she feels as crucified

a future shadow, near her side

But not to see the bird, the sky

who makes her destiny a lie


Virginity, just let it go

if someone loves you, he will know

that’s not your fault, what happened once

and he’ll give both of you the chance


To fullfill life with love and care

and there’ll be no one who will dare

to end this tale of lonesome grief

be strong, be young and do belief











Most time you see me as a snake

I bite my tail, that’s when I make

my Life as round as round can be

the circle never ends for me


The seasons come, the seasons go

From spring when everything will grow

to summer, with my favoured heat

body so warm, a quick heartbeat


Than autumn makes me really slow

it’s quite a job to make this bow

loosing the sun, it makes me sad

don’t like the cold that lies ahead


I’m really old, can hardly move

my joints so weak, my mind so groof

I wonder where my life has gone

once I had friends, now all alone


My children don’t understand

their life is full, mine’s running sand

through old, old hands, they nearly fade

so fragile, wringled cold, unmade


A terrible Chinese Accident caused by Hybris


A chinese emperor quiet young

was locked up in his golden place

Although the palace was real big

he wanted un-limited space


so in the middle of the night

when everyone was sound asleep

his servants took the horses out

without a sound, their breath to keep


The desert  where there is no end

was entered when the night was gone

he ordered servants do as planned

spread the red carpet in the sand


For his first time he wants a ride

with royalty, and seen  by all

covered in gold, that was his pride

his selfesteem was high and tall


But than the horse into the front

did shouted out of fright

he stumbled over the red rug

and made them all collide


The emperor of the dynasty

did not know of predestiny

when man claims too much fame

his vanity becomes his shame









History is full of heads

put on sticks to make their threads

chinese liked to chop they say

emperors to make their day


chainsaws oversounding cries

of all trees that we put down

lack of oxygen in skies

face with a deep grasping frown


there’s no need to slice the neck

we can not put the tree back

stop at once or take a break

see at once what is at stake


if we’re ruining the Woods

there will be no breath to take

we will sufficate en mass

fading in the lonely grass










This is my mam,  is how she was

when she was young, a beauty las


If she had lived untill today

we’d have a feast,  a special way

on her 95th ,  birthday


But she’s not here,  she’s long long gone

her grave still clear,  for ever here


she took her secrets in her grave

she burned her diaries,  was it brave?

don’t know the questions in my mind

So answers will I never find


She was my Mam,  I love her dear

The grieve still big,  35 years

Untill I die,  I will shed tears


Knew her so brief, o dear o dear!

Solong, Solong






The wooden man, he travelled far

to seek, to find out who we are

made like the being of a man

with head and hands and even tan


But it’s not me he felt inside

another species be abide

Where are my roots,  where did I grow?

O dear, O dear, he’ll never know


Cause he is sitting too nearby

to see reflections in the sky

His great-great grandpa now a lake

can tell him not, what is at stake


While sitting on the truthfull well

will blind us so we cannot tell

that be and from is so ahead

even the book of life that’s read

will lead us to an unknown death



She made a walk in Sunny wood.

She walked and walked …  a day So good

The little dog was on her side

followed as closer as he might


Then Sun turned face, to other place

And they were lost,

at any cost, she walked and walked

to find the way

Till she had nothing more to say


So tired they sat on to the ground

so wet, so green, so soft, so bound

Her hopeless face looked up and sight

Transparancy  leaked in the night






My face is long like a bloodhound

My body fleshy, big and round

I keep my feet close to the ground

My hanging ears catch every sound


I like to play and run around

My will is free and never bound

A better friend is never found

Quess what I am:

A Basset Hound