A terrible Chinese Accident caused by Hybris


A chinese emperor quiet young

was locked up in his golden place

Although the palace was real big

he wanted un-limited space


so in the middle of the night

when everyone was sound asleep

his servants took the horses out

without a sound, their breath to keep


The desert  where there is no end

was entered when the night was gone

he ordered servants do as planned

spread the red carpet in the sand


For his first time he wants a ride

with royalty, and seen  by all

covered in gold, that was his pride

his selfesteem was high and tall


But than the horse into the front

did shouted out of fright

he stumbled over the red rug

and made them all collide


The emperor of the dynasty

did not know of predestiny

when man claims too much fame

his vanity becomes his shame








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