Me hip, me hip, the old one cried

it causes so much pain

I can not move, I can not walk

but I do not complain


me hip, me hip

me pain, me pain


I curse old age

I am in rage

for living on and on

it’s 4 to twelve and I’m still here

impossible to bear


Me Hip, me hip

me pain, me pain

but I do not complain


So sick, the being of old age

dissolving bit by bit

I don’t want help

cause I’m still strong

and they’ll do so much wrong


me hip, me hip

me pain, me pain

but I do not complain


Adjust yourself, all to my way

control is at my side

I do not care what you will say

You’ll make my day,  my day


Me hip, me hip

it’s too much pain

but I do not complain


So I will rule

untill last breath

no one is stopping me


I will stay home

untill I die

you will grow old

you’re freedom sold

for me it’s all to be


Me hip, me hip

Me claim, me claim






Out of Reach

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

I will finish my last drink

I don’t care what kind of sorrow

comes my way, I will not blink


But tomorrow ‘s never coming

eveyday is yesterday

it’s my memory that’s wronging

little lies they blurr the way


I am trapped in my own prison

I am captured in my mind

not a soul can give the wisdom

to free me of my own kind


Put the glass, the glass outside me

in another universe

empty it, no wine or beer be

don’t give in when I am worse


let me suffer, let me schiffer

let me search untill I stop

when there is a world without it

than the demons won’t blurp up


out of reach will be my saviour

out of reach for my own hand

I can’t touch it, I can’t see it

I’ll be in the promised land



Bullied Cow


I have been mocked

they bullied me

till I was deeply shocked

the black sheep of the stock


It’s not my figure , you might think

I’m rather square, not round

it is another bodypart

close hanging near the ground


When I was born, I lost all hope

they gathered all around

they saw my tail was made from rope

that’s difficult to cope


when you have this, what’s sticking out

the laughing stock of the crowd

the mob is hard and mean

they search for every scene


But yesterday  my life did change

when Gran fell in the ditch

she almost drowned, no rescue found

when I came, they where all astound


I fetched her with my ropy tail

lifted her gracely on the grass

so near to death, bearly alive

I saved my grandpa’s wife


Now I’m the hero of the day

the bullying has stopped

the tail depriving me before

is now my pride and even more










I am Child


I am a child, I have been born

it never matters where

I have the right to be alive

it must be full of pleasure there


I am a child, I need to laugh

cause that it what I do the most

But it’s been stolen from my face

my lips they can’t move to that place


I am a child, I have to play

cause that is what I do

I play with sand and water too

with all the things my way


I am a child I do not judge

whatever adults do

i’m just to young to see what’s true

to young to know that much


I am a child please let me be

and stop now every fight

You’ll never win if you loose me

so please do what is right


I am a child black, yellow, white

You force me in your war

about religion, space or race

please let me leave this place


To go into a happy world

with joy and love and care

cause if you keep this fighting up

there’s no one left to bear.