I am Child


I am a child, I have been born

it never matters where

I have the right to be alive

it must be full of pleasure there


I am a child, I need to laugh

cause that it what I do the most

But it’s been stolen from my face

my lips they can’t move to that place


I am a child, I have to play

cause that is what I do

I play with sand and water too

with all the things my way


I am a child I do not judge

whatever adults do

i’m just to young to see what’s true

to young to know that much


I am a child please let me be

and stop now every fight

You’ll never win if you loose me

so please do what is right


I am a child black, yellow, white

You force me in your war

about religion, space or race

please let me leave this place


To go into a happy world

with joy and love and care

cause if you keep this fighting up

there’s no one left to bear.




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