Out of Reach

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

I will finish my last drink

I don’t care what kind of sorrow

comes my way, I will not blink


But tomorrow ‘s never coming

eveyday is yesterday

it’s my memory that’s wronging

little lies they blurr the way


I am trapped in my own prison

I am captured in my mind

not a soul can give the wisdom

to free me of my own kind


Put the glass, the glass outside me

in another universe

empty it, no wine or beer be

don’t give in when I am worse


let me suffer, let me schiffer

let me search untill I stop

when there is a world without it

than the demons won’t blurp up


out of reach will be my saviour

out of reach for my own hand

I can’t touch it, I can’t see it

I’ll be in the promised land




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