Mother of us all


You are the mother of us all

the source of human kind

we all flew out to other land

away  from desert sand


the earth is dry

there is no growth

no seed will open up

rain is absent in the sky

no drops inside your cup


you still breath air

cause it is free

so you will be alive

but there’s no food

so thin you’ll be

fragility manhood


think of the water on the land

think of a way to be

you have the power of it all

but still you do not see


you are the womb of black and white

you are the mother of the child

you have the strength to win the fight

there is no power in the night


You have the power of the day

but don’t sell it away

you have the sun

it’s burning hot

it’ll save you all the lot


your sun is shining all for free

and it’s a lot of energy

and that is what they want

use it yourself

and feed you’re land

and seeds will green the sand