I stumbled on a bumblebee

his furry coat not pollen free

one flower not enough

full gentleness, not rough


no haste,  still working hard

the queen she must be fed

the  old tart egged

dictating out of bed


of flowers to be sought

of nectar to collect

of nature to fullfill

work class pays the bill


I stumbled on a bumblebee

and he was just like thee

the working kind

till death will blind

the thrive of being free






This house feels like my home

although it’s not my own

it is the place to be

a miracle for me


This house feels like a gift

built many years ago

when life  was slow, not swift

when people knew to know


This house feels like the sun

that’s spreads his warmth upon

my bones, my mind, my soul

makes me alive and whole


This house feels like the earth

it grows into the ground

a womb who gave new birth

a new life to be found