I am Child




I stumbled on a bumblebee

his furry coat not pollen free

one flower not enough

full gentleness, not rough


no haste,  still working hard

the queen she must be fed

the  old tart egged

dictating out of bed


of flowers to be sought

of nectar to collect

of nature to fullfill

work class pays the bill


I stumbled on a bumblebee

and he was just like thee

the working kind

till death will blind

the thrive of being free





Wish to meditate

stomach away

famine to elevate

hunger astray


Fluid in green

saved for the time

that drought has been

no friend of mine


climate has changed

that is my fate

the west estranged

almost too late


flee or to stay

question that may

save me or kill

what is Gods will







Hidden woods so deep

you can see me peep

through the leafes of fall

most cheerfull of

them all


wrinkled,  old  and wise

rolling of the dice

random colouring treas

ritch as painted seas


seen by every child

fantasy not blind

outcasted adult mind

palet not to find


Yellow, orange, red

fallstorm blows ahead

tearing of the boughs

groundly leafes so dead


deep under i’ll  go

when the winter comes

sleep for many months


not to be disturbed

time has been set slow

wind and storm will blow

but I will not know


sleep can be Sooo kind







Dream on….

Dreaming makes us human kind

No other species is so blind

to pursue goals so far


We dream of love

We dream of wealth

when we are sick, we dream of health

we dream of peace

we dream of luck

we dream of lots of buck


we can make pictures in our mind

it’s not adapted what we find

it’s pure spontanity

Reality can be so cruel

to escape , can be our fuel


it’s not a matter to fullfill

it’s just the dream, our will

To be into the world so real

when it’s for us too hard to feel

Mother of us all


You are the mother of us all

the source of human kind

we all flew out to other land

away  from desert sand


the earth is dry

there is no growth

no seed will open up

rain is absent in the sky

no drops inside your cup


you still breath air

cause it is free

so you will be alive

but there’s no food

so thin you’ll be

fragility manhood


think of the water on the land

think of a way to be

you have the power of it all

but still you do not see


you are the womb of black and white

you are the mother of the child

you have the strength to win the fight

there is no power in the night


You have the power of the day

but don’t sell it away

you have the sun

it’s burning hot

it’ll save you all the lot


your sun is shining all for free

and it’s a lot of energy

and that is what they want

use it yourself

and feed you’re land

and seeds will green the sand









Out of Reach

Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

I will finish my last drink

I don’t care what kind of sorrow

comes my way, I will not blink


But tomorrow ‘s never coming

eveyday is yesterday

it’s my memory that’s wronging

little lies they blurr the way


I am trapped in my own prison

I am captured in my mind

not a soul can give the wisdom

to free me of my own kind


Put the glass, the glass outside me

in another universe

empty it, no wine or beer be

don’t give in when I am worse


let me suffer, let me schiffer

let me search untill I stop

when there is a world without it

than the demons won’t blurp up


out of reach will be my saviour

out of reach for my own hand

I can’t touch it, I can’t see it

I’ll be in the promised land



Bullied Cow


I have been mocked

they bullied me

till I was deeply shocked

the black sheep of the stock


It’s not my figure , you might think

I’m rather square, not round

it is another bodypart

close hanging near the ground


When I was born, I lost all hope

they gathered all around

they saw my tail was made from rope

that’s difficult to cope


when you have this, what’s sticking out

the laughing stock of the crowd

the mob is hard and mean

they search for every scene


But yesterday  my life did change

when Gran fell in the ditch

she almost drowned, no rescue found

when I came, they where all astound


I fetched her with my ropy tail

lifted her gracely on the grass

so near to death, bearly alive

I saved my grandpa’s wife


Now I’m the hero of the day

the bullying has stopped

the tail depriving me before

is now my pride and even more










I am Child


I am a child, I have been born

it never matters where

I have the right to be alive

it must be full of pleasure there


I am a child, I need to laugh

cause that it what I do the most

But it’s been stolen from my face

my lips they can’t move to that place


I am a child, I have to play

cause that is what I do

I play with sand and water too

with all the things my way


I am a child I do not judge

whatever adults do

i’m just to young to see what’s true

to young to know that much


I am a child please let me be

and stop now every fight

You’ll never win if you loose me

so please do what is right


I am a child black, yellow, white

You force me in your war

about religion, space or race

please let me leave this place


To go into a happy world

with joy and love and care

cause if you keep this fighting up

there’s no one left to bear.





Even the sun,  she did not shine

on this cruelsome day

when faith and hate combine

the sand of land,  turns grey


Remains of long ago

lay silently and dead

structures cut in pieces

killed by hand,  so bad


Destroying in the name of God

destroying for their faith

destroying all what Romans made

destroying out of hate


Sadly they do not know

that God was in this stone

the force of creativity

divinity in bone


As God made human race

his image was inside

the gift of creation

is what equals us alike


So when you kill these artefacts

you kill our divine birth

you kill the soul what makes us live

the meaning here on earth